What I Learned in January

So, this is a few days late, whoops. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything except for maybe I’m not a punctual person.

Anyways, I love this idea of sharing what I’ve learned every month. It makes lifelong knowledge/memories bite sized and easier to take in. And it helps remind me that even when a month feels like a complete dud, I DID learn something. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something too!

1. When you speed through December with holidays and such, January feels like it drags on FOREVER. Not necessarily in a bad way, but just, it does.

2. When you don’t write things down things you learn, you can’t remember them to blog about…

3. Austin is fun when Waco is not.

4.It’s weird when people talk about my blog in real life. I start stammering and stuttering and apologizing for being. So in conclusion, I’m SUPER happy you read my blog, just don’t tell me about it to my face. (Just kidding, that’s rude. I’ll get over it. But you could comment too?)

5. I’m a total theology nerd. Baylor requires two religion classes to graduate, Christian Scriptures and Christian Heritage (history of the church). And yes. I put it off for a while. I’m in a class of freshmen and sophomores and if I fail it I’m not graduating, but I won’t fail because I LOVE CHURCH HISTORY! But I’ve been hiding it from my classmates. So if you’re in my class and reading this, I lied. I did do the reading (in fact I BOUGHT my textbooks because I knew I would re-read them once the class was over), I’m not confused by what the professor is talking about and I do know how to spell Tertullian (This red squiggly line says otherwise, but trust me, that’s how you spell it.)

6. I don’t know how to get used to cold weather. I actually want to cry most mornings when I open the front door because I have on 7 layers and it’s never enough.

7. The Grammy Awards will never be normal. I don’t know why I watch them to see some nice calm TV. But nobody arrived in an egg this year, so it’s whatever.

8. Amber is Maggie!! One Fine Day (or Parenthood) anyone?? I love discovering my favorite actors as children in other films, especially the adorable Mae Whitman!

9. I constantly keep ranch dip in my fridge. NOT dressing, dip. And I make it myself. There is a difference. I go through an unmentionably large amount of it and just recently found that not everyone (I probably couldn’t find 5) makes a container of ranch dip on the reg. I always have it on hand (except for now, I just finished it off…come back later?)

10. The final thing I learned is that I have a lot more to learn. The more I progress through my final undergraduate semester, the more I realize that I don’t feel prepared for the real world. I think secretly I am but my head doesn’t feel it yet. The end of an era is always weird feeling right?


What did you learn in January?