Weekend Benediction

As you enter the weekend, the first of the summer for many of you, I pray that you continue to learn beyond the constraints of a classroom and that you cling to words that are true. I pray that experiences lead to questions and discovery beyond a textbook.

If you feel like you are alone and flailing, I pray that your swinging arms don’t push away the ones who care for you the most.

If you feel stagnant and spiritually dry, I hope a spark catches you at the most unexpected moment and causes a fiery passion in your soul.

I pray you have a chance to chase a rabbit trail and follow a crazy thought. But I also pray that you remember that dead ends aren’t failures, they’re just scenic routes.

I pray that in the vast expanse of summer you don’t forget to dream and create and that God gives you many opportunities to do both to the fullest.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.