The Things I Get to Do

MountainsI get to wake up to mountains every morning. That’s not a luxury I take lightly as a Texan city-girl.

I get to share a house with 6 other families, I get to share living spaces with their 13 kids, I get to share fridge space and help with dishes and make enough popcorn to share.

I get to be married to a Young Life Area Director who has an assignment in Colorado this month. I get to help him keep things organized so that high schoolers can have the best week of their lives. I get to watch him master a job that keeps him busy 24/7. I get to watch him love on all the leaders that come through with their students each week.

Arrival at CampI get to wake up to the mountains and pray that each week 500 high schoolers get to know who the one who created them.

I get to cheer them on when they get off the bus after a long drive. I get to encourage the high school and college students who are giving up a month of their summer to volunteer at the camp and serve their peers.

I get to be friends with 10 other women who live the same life I do. I get to share my joys and struggles without having to explain anything, and they get to do the same. I get to push their kids on the swings and babysit them on their husband’s one night off.

I get to do date night in the middle of nowhere. I get to spend time with my husband on Monday nights (which is ironic since that is usually the night that’s never available).

Date Night

We’re on day 4 of week one and I’m so thankful for all these things I get to do.