Stitch Fix #2

It’s time for another Stitch Fix! My first one came in April and you can read about it here to get a little run-down of what this service is. Basically it’s a style service where for $20 they will pick 5 pieces of clothing based on a style profile you fill you out, you get the box in the mail, try it on with everything you already on and keep what you want (send the rest back for free!) and they take the $20 off of anything you buy (and if you keep all 5 you get 25% off!) The website with more info is here!

This sweet little box was a welcome treat on Friday morning after spilling a perfectly good ‘I’m-rewarding-myself-after-a-run” Starbucks drink before I got to enjoy any of it and got my weekend off to a stylish start!

Now, I always have a mental battle when I get the “your Fix has shipped!” Email…to cheat or not to cheat. Here’s what I mean: once your Fix has shipped  (say that 10 times fast) when you get onto the website, it’s already the checkout page, meaning theoretically, even though you haven’t seen the clothes, you know what’s coming so it’s not totally a surprise. Well I looked this time. And I was already a little disappointed. I saw the word cardigan and sulked. I live in Texas, I will NEVER wear a cardigan in the summer, what were they thinking?? Plus, I had heard about the random ‘bad fixes’ and thought the honeymoon phase was over.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. I. loved. every. piece. and I can’t wait to show you!

Left: Bain Abstract Chevron Print Blouse // $58 // Okay this was the one top I wasn’t sure about until I put it on and it is fantastic! It is super lightweight and the perfect summer top. It would look quite great with skinny jeans or nice shorts. I paired it with a denim pencil skirt here but it can be dressed down too. I have a lot of shirts similar to this but a different cut, I’ve been wanting to branch out but not drastically and this is the perfect top to do so. Result: Kept

Right: Jaimie Eyelet Striped Cardigan // $48 // You guys, if there’s such a thing as a summer cardigan, this is it! I live in sweaty hot Texas but I’m a naturally cold blooded person so the A/C inside is usually a shocker to me. Plus I love that it can be dressed up or down! It’s hard to tell in the photo but it’s the perfect material to go either way. Result: Kept

Left: Cai Boyfriend Short // $68// Oh how I love these shorts. I have been looking for some casual jean shorts that aren’t short, short, SHORT, shorts, and Stitch Fix delivered. (AND they fit perfectly!) They look great with almost everything I own and they’re a great summer staple. Result: Kept

Right: Steph Sleeveless Belted Floral Dress// $58// I LOVE this dress. It is so light and flowy and just perfect for any dressy occasion. I also have a problem turning down a cute dress. Result: Kept

Tazo Mixed Floral Print Knit-Back Tank// $54// This might be my favorite from the whole bunch! I’m all about light, printed tops for the summer that can be dressed up or down. Result: Kept


Yep. I kept all 5. I didn’t mean to, I swear! But with referral credits and a the 25% discount, I kinda felt like I had to. And I’ve already worn 4/5 of the pieces this weekend so I think I made the right choice. ;)

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Schedule your Fix here! It’s a great way to kick of the summer, with some cute new clothes!

Here are a few tips I’ve learned for the next time you order a Stitch Fix!

  1. Be detailed in the notes/comments! Don’t be afraid to be ‘rude’, be specific! This time I told her I would be nannying so I needed comfortable and cute clothes and that I live in Texas so everything needed to be light and wouldn’t show sweat.
  2. Keep the same stylist if you like the clothes you’ve been getting. I have had Rachel both times and she is my cool, new, stylish best friend. You might need to put it in the notes that you want the same stylist but if you like what you’re getting, keep ‘em coming!
  3. Tell them what you DON’T need. I told her I didn’t want jewelry this time, some people request no jeans, etc. If you’re set on a certain type of clothing, let them know!
  4. Be detailed in the checkout. If you love it, give details why. If it’s not your favorite, give details why. It’s helpful and you’re not being high maintenance, I promise!
  5. Be forgiving. This service is amazing but it can’t read your mind and part of the reason it’s so awesome is because it gives you clothes you might not try on in the store, that being said, if you get a ‘bad Fix’ with clothes you don’t love don’t give up altogether! They have a MILLION different clothing choices for every Fix so they’ll just try something different next time!

Have a stylish week, everyone!