Our New, Lively Home

Our Lively Home

Well friends, we have a new Home Sweet Home! We’ve boxed up and said goodbye to our lavishly extravagant one bedroom, third floor apartment that was reasonably priced and where parking was abundant and definitely did NOT have airplanes flying over 24/7 (note my sarcasm).

Now we’re the only people who park here and grocery unloading doesn’t leave me out of breath.

And in all seriousness, we love it. I don’t know why a house feels so much more like a home to me because it’s really the people that makes a home but this little cutie is doing the trick. For the most part it’s the exact same stuff and we’re the exact same people but it’s all so different.

It kind of fell into our lap in a way only God could make happen, it’s a blessing we could have never imagined! This house will have so much life in it and we can’t wait to see everything that happens under this roof. It really is a lively home.

I’m a little overwhelmed at all the potential there is to be perfectly organized and decorated but we’re so excited to make it our own. And I’m really excited to share it all on here with you!

And to all of you experienced homeowner’s what do you remember most about your first house and moving in? I’d love to hear your stories!