Music for the Hopeful

I love music. It speaks to my soul in ways nothing else can. Music is my love language, I love to give songs to people in hopes they would feel what I feel when I listen to it.

I can’t very well burn everyone a CD who reads this, I wish I could though! And you would love it because burning CD’s is an art form to me. It would be so specially crafted for you and what your life looks like. I listen to each song, to the lyrics, the beat, the key and I put them in a specific order. An order that reflects the goal of the playlist, to cheer up, to comfort, something to cry to, something to dance to; every list has a purpose, goal and theme.

I didn’t burn you a CD but I made you a playlist. The theme? Hope.

Weekends are for resting and breathing and remembering there is a tomorrow. This playlist is for playing in the background while you read, cook or do housework. These lyrics are meant to sink deep into your heart and soul. These artists are here to comfort you and remind you you’re not alone.

This music is for you, and the best part? Some of the music on it is free for you to download right now via Noisetrade! (Links posted below the playlist)

Enjoy your weekend, may it be filled with hope.