Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday of Holy Week. (Referred to as Monday Thursday if you’re 7 year old Kailey.)

Maundy comes from the Latin, mandatum meaning a new mandate. Tonight represents the night that Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and the night the Lord’s Supper began.

I often get wrapped up in Easter Weekend, Christ’s death on Friday to the celebration on Sunday. I leave out Thursday, Thursday is still mine; Easter starts on Friday. But Thursday can’t be left out, it must be remembered. Because we celebrate Easter Sunday on Thursday, we take part in the Lord’s supper, we wash the feet of others. And the mandate that was made, is still ours to carry out.

Sunday is redemption and meaning, a thread that is woven through the core of our souls. Sunday is the reason we believe and have hope always.

Saturday is a day of mourning and wandering.

Friday is conviction, looking to the cross and seeing the painful and grace-filled dichotomy our broken selves and our perfect savior.

But, Thursday is every day. Thursday is a meal of remembrance, a humbling of ourselves to wash the feet of others. A new command; love.

Don’t forget Thursday.

For in celebrating Sunday, we are called to live Thursday for the rest of our lives.