Life Lately

I’ve seen this posted in a lot of places lately and I can’t find the original source but bless them for making this list. I’ve been so busy lately finishing everything up for the school year, that I haven’t had a moment to write, but I thought this post was perfect for me to reflect on my own life.

Making: memories, left and right.
Cooking: whatever is left in the fridge/freezer/pantry or eating out at Waco restaurants I might maybe miss a lot (Food for Thought, Ninfa’s and Health Camp, I’m looking at you.)
Drinking: iced coffee like my job because I’m a college student in the middle of finals so it kind of is.
Reading: textbooks and the Bible. They balance each other (and me) out. (Also, How People Grow by Henry Cloud)
Wanting: my things to pack, move and clean themselves, Mary Poppins style.
Looking: for a job and a place to live after college. No big deal.
Playing: lots of movie soundtracks on Spotify.
Wishing: I had more money to spend on Amazon. And more time to read what I buy on Amazon.
Enjoying: doing fun Waco things on my Baylor Bucket List that I put off until now.
Liking: random spring showers. If you can’t tell by the blog, I love the rain! It always slows me down and reminds me to breathe.
Wondering: if it is physically possible to schedule coffee dates with every single friend I have at Baylor before I graduate.
Loving: sweet blog friends who email me words of encouragement from all over the world. So SO overwhelmed by the hugeness of online community and thankful for connections that only God could create!
Hoping: I get to meet said blog friends in real life sometime soon.
Marveling: at how quickly time can go by and how much you can grow without even realizing.
Needing: a few extra hours in the day.
Smelling: Mrs. Meyers Basil candle
Wearing: t-shirts and Nike shorts as much as I can before I have to be a professional adult and wear real pants on a regular basis.
Following: new people on Instagram! I LOVE Instagram.
Noticing: all the little things I will miss about college life, especially random adventures and late night Whataburger.
Knowing: God has a plan when I don’t. Which is right now.
Thinking: my brain has reached max capacity and that I would like to clear it out to think about more fun things than school.
Bookmarking: lots of recipes. Cooking is so relaxing for me, so studying + moving out of an apartment + not really being able to cook = stressed Kailey.
Opening: wedding invitations and save the dates galore! This will be the summer of celebration and I’m so excited!!
Giggling: late at night with my roommates over really hilarious things. Like the new USA show Playing House. Have you seen it? SO GREAT! Go watch it, it’s probably on demand. It’s brand new, written and starring two real life best friends.
Feeling: nostalgic.

So that’s it! A quick little snippet of my super crazy life! What does your life look like lately?

Here’s a blank version if you need to summarize your own life right now!