Just Plain Cold

It’s cold. Everywhere. I probably didn’t need to tell you that but if you’re my one reader from Trindad and Tobago (thanks for tuning in, by the way!) then maybe you didn’t know.

I don’t like being cold and I’m bad at dressing warmly. So put that together and I’ve been miserable for two weeks straight. I’ve recently discovered the warmth and joy of wearing yoga tights under my yoga pants and triple socks.

What’s worse is the weather here in little old Waco, Texas is unrewarding in my opinion. I’ll tolerate the cold if it ends up snowing and even more so if class is cancelled but if it’s just plain cold? I’ll probably just sulk, thank you.

Isn’t that motivation true for everything? What will I get out of this? What’s my reward? Why am I going through the hard freezing winds if it isn’t going to snow? If I’m not going to get what I want when I want it, I’m going to complain.

Yeesh, doesn’t that just stick a knife in your soul?

Hm, there’s an idea: fix your eyes on sweet summertime and lovely spring. Savor what’s beautiful now and what you will miss in the sweaty months of summer. Notice the intricate ice patterns on your windshield as you wait for what feels like a million years for your heater to kick into gear. Be thankful for the walk to class that’s mostly in the sun instead of shade. Drink tea with great intention and often, after all, it wouldn’t be nearly as cherish-able without cold winter to counteract it’s warmth. Take time to be cozy, when else will you get the chance?

Above all remember, God’s creation is perfect, even when it’s frozen.

Beautiful spring and summer are on their way, I promise. In the meantime, find your favorite blanket, put it in the dryer for a few minutes then watch Downton Abbey, (British TV is better when it’s cold outside anyways).