Gluten Free Groceries: Trader Joe’s

I’ve been gluten free for almost a year now and have somewhat mastered this lifestyle through trial and error.

I didn’t know anyone else who was gluten free when I started and depended a lot on google and Pinterest. I bought a lot of really gross gluten free food that tasted NOTHING like the real thing. Now I have a lot of people ask me how I shop and what I eat. And to be honest, I’m still figuring it all out, I might always be figuring it out but the biggest advice I have is to take it a store at a time.

Here are some hints when grocery shopping for specifically gluten free products (especially when you can’t find something that should be there.)

  1. Check the health food section

  2. Check the medicine section (Last week I found gluten free snacks next to the Tums! They know who needs them I guess ;))
  3. Check the gluten free section
  4. Check the regular section for that product (example: Gluten Free Pancake mix might be in the gluten free aisle or it might be in the regular pancake aisle)
  5. Check the freezer section (there might be a gluten free freezer aisle)
  6. Check the freezer BREAD section (as silly as it is, the gluten free bread is usually next to the regular bread in the freezer, not the gluten free freezer section)
  7. Get familiar with your grocery store, that way in the future you can plan your route next time you go.
  8. Subscribe to email lists for gluten free product manufacturers. I’m on the email list for Glutino, Udi’s and Van’s that way I get emails with promotions as well as a heads up when new products come out. Also, these companies have Pinterest pages with lots of gluten free meal ideas.


I’ve stuck to the usual stores for a while but I was in Dallas recently and decided to try out Trader Joe’s. They have some of the regular brands like Udi’s, but they also have their own brand of gluten free foods at excellent prices!

Here’s what I bought and what I thought:

Gluten Free Three Cheese Pizza: At nearly half the price of other gluten free frozen pizza’s, this $5 pizza has fresh tomato slices on it and a delicious crust! The downside is this is the only flavor they had but I put my own pepperonis on it and that worked fine for me!

Wheat Free Toaster Waffles: Once again, half the price of regular gluten free waffles. Only $2! They’re also yeast free if that’s something you’re looking for. They tasted less eggy/gummy than some other brands I’ve had and they weren’t crumbly at all! Definitely the closest to a regular waffle I’ve had so far.

Corn Pasta: Praise be! Corn pasta is my very favorite and I can usually only find it at Wal-Mart (not my top grocery store) and only  in the macaroni shape. This pasta is cheap, too! only about 20 cents more than the regular pasta.

These were the only specific gluten free products I got/ saw in the store. Overall I was very impressed! Anyone else have any other Trader Joe’s gluten free suggestions?