Countdown to Graduation: Spring Break Edition

Okay, so here’s why these posts had a brief intermission: I went on a spring break trip. So get ready to be a little bit mad at me…because I went to the beautiful Cayman Islands!

Day 70: Blue skies and branches. Could it finally be actual, real, live spring in Texas?

Day 69: The bag zipped (barely)! Who knew a few swimsuits could take up so much room? (Also I maybe, kind of, sort of majorly overpacked)…All ready for spring break! : )

Day 68: Traveling day! Houston to Miami to Grand Caymans, long day but well worth it. The view from an airplane will never get old to me. Flying is one of my favorite things to do and it’s so much more fun with dear friends

Day 67: Woke up to this beautiful view in our backyard. It was in that moment I realized it wouldn’t be quite as difficult to unplug from the stressful school world as I thought…

Day 66: Late night beach-side stargazing

Day 65: Discovered my all-time favorite ice cream flavor! Too bad it isn’t sold in the United States…:(

Day 64: A picture’s worth a thousand words and this one comes with a thousand relaxing deep breaths, as well (and a LOT of vitamin D). Bonus!

Day 63: Finished my first Kate Morton novel and I’m obsessed! Great author and wonderful spring break read.

Day 62: Soaking up every last minute on this beautiful island reading beautiful words from Emily Freeman (in a hammock, of course). What better place to read about living art?

Day 61: It’s a bittersweet goodbye because we have to leave this beautiful place but at the same time we get to board the plane directly from the tar mack like Hallie from the Parent Trap so…


Stay tuned for more beautiful pictures that weren’t taken on my iphone! ;)

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