Countdown to Graduation: Part 7

Day 30: April 15 to be exact, once again checked the weather app and thought I must still be dreaming. Nope. Instead had to dig through my closet for warm clothes. Texas, I don’t know why you still surprise me.

Day 29: Savoring these last few weeks with my little buddies. Campus wouldn’t be as cute (or squeaky) without you…

Day 28: Home sweet home for a long weekend.

Day 27: Live music and great drinks overlooking the Dallas skyline.

Day 26: Photography lesson with dear old Dad. Benefits of having a photographer father.

Day 25: Celebrating Easter Sunday with the family! No easter egg hunt this year, apparently even though we act like children, we don’t get treated that way. Bummer.

Day 24: Clouds on the way back to Waco. I think this one looks like Pharell’s hat, anyone else?

Day 23: Foggy walk to class.

Day 22: Building with no windows + power outage = cancelled class and creepy darkness. This is at 8am fyi.

Day 21: Last day serving alongside these ladies as a NSSLHA officer! Dear friends make a great team.

Day 20: A pretty monumental day. Anyone else play this game??

Day 19: Baby shower for sweet Stacie (aka one of the most adorable pregnant ladies I’ve ever known)! Can’t believe she’s about to be a mama!

Day 18: First sno-cone of the season! Tiger’s Blood for the win!