Countdown to Graduation: Part 6

Day 45: This is what happens when the Rangers opening day and Aural Rehab class happen at the same time. Multitasking at it’s finest. ; )


Day 44: Dinner at a Waco treasure with some dear friends!

Day 43: Look what came in the mail, Christmas in April! Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? Read my Review Here!

Day 42: Ombre sky on the drive to Dallas. My favorite thinking time is on the road at dusk.

Day 41: Stumbled onto the Deep Ellum Arts Festival downtown on a beautiful day. Don’t you just love happy accidents?

Day 40: Dessert date at Emporium Pies. Didn’t get a pic of the actual pie before it was devoured, just the cute packaging. Use your imagination: French silk pie with pretzel crust. Are you drooling just thinking about it? Me neither…

Day 39: Trying out the brand new Torchy’s tacos for the first time with sissy. Apparently this is her Mexican food eating sweatshirt…Check out Day 73

Day 38: Happy hour with my best friend. (Yes. I went to Torchy’s two days in a row, sue me! ; ))

Day 37: Wearing a hearing aid for a day as part of a research project. No it isn’t real, yes it’s child sized and yes it’s still too big because my ears are MINUTE. Does it look like I shoved play-doh in my ear or what?!

Day 36: Pria (Pre-dia) sleepover. Accidentally patriotic. Whoops. ‘Merica.

Day 35: Last Dia del Oso at Baylor! (Dia is a random spring Thursday off from school, one of my favorite Baylor traditions). Cheered on my Pi Phi pals in the tug-of-war tourney. Look at that killer anchor form. Alas, their technique did not seal a win.

Day 34: A nice walk in the cemetery, one of the most beautiful little places. I love looking at old gravestones and creating stories for the lives they represent.

Day 33: Made my own salad dressing for the first time ever! And people. It was DELICIOUS. Loosely based on Shutterbean’s recipe found here.

Day 32: Chick Flicks and Sunday lunch on a dreary Palm Sunday.

Day 31: Surprise! I woke up to pouring rain and 40 degree weather. However, determined to stay in spring mode, I opted for iced coffee instead of hot because I like to live in a pretend world where Texas weather is in fact predictable and normal.

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