Countdown to Graduation: Part 4

Day 78: Still working through my Bible from beginning to end, a goal of mine for 2014. Thankful for the hunger for this book that hasn’t grown weary this year.

Day 77: Sugar and Starbucks Energy, the only thing keeping me going for the last weekend of All University Sing!

Day 76: Yes, this is a selfie, yes it is scary and yes I’m glad this is my last night to tease my hair and wear this makeup. But I actually enjoyed getting into ferocious character as a lion, it’s fun to be a little bit scary sometimes. I loved our act and I’m so proud we made Pigskin 2014!!

Day 75: This is not a picture I took today but it’s a truth that’s been stuck in my head, over and over I pray these words and let them wash over me as they washed over the Israelites so long ago.

Day 74: Watched my sister rock her first intramural Ping Pong game!! Goooo sissy! ;)

Day 73: Sister dinner date at Chuy’s! We’re going our separate ways for Spring Break and decided to cram in some last minute conversation now that our evenings aren’t filled with Sing practices.

Day 72: Showed up to lab in matching outfits! We Kappas just love Khemistry! ;)

Day 71: I can’t believe I’m posting another selfie but I couldn’t help but laugh at my movie star look with big sunglasses and an organic smoothie, (which was delicious). I kept feeling like I needed to tell people “oh no, I’m not really a diva, I just accidentally look like one today.” Oh well.

I’m a little bit behind posting these pictures but nevertheless, the countdown continues!

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