Countdown to Graduation: Part 3

Day 87: Birthday reminder text from sister. The funniest person I know.

Day 86: Look! I’m so old fashioned I make my speech therapy materials by hand. Just kidding, my printer went kaput at the last minute. That’s always so much fun isn’t it?

Day 85: Opening night of All-University Sing at Baylor! Kappa’s theme? Running Wild. I’m the one on the left clearly going for the natural look

Day 84: Pre-Sing Blizzard run with my roomie!

Day 83: Spending a beautiful Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market, one of my very favorite things about Waco. (Also, they have gluten free crepes!! Score!)

Day 82: Starting up my favorite Lenten devotionals. Also, apparently if there’s a book called Bread and Wine, I will love it. I’ll talk more about why I love  these books later on but for now, here are the links if you’re interested!

The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan

Bread and Wine

Simplifying the Soul by Paula Huston


Day 81: Volunteering at Friends For Life, a local adult day care. Taking pictures is their new favorite thing, so instead of just one picture I’m posting four because adorable. Captions from top left clockwise

“I want to smile with you!”

“Take a picture of me waving, I’m friendly, you know.”

“Take my picture of only me”

And this last one started as just one person and me but everyone wanted to add their best friend and I didn’t mind one bit.

Day 80: Early morning studying because that’s the only way I could feel sane and productive. Does that ever happen to you?

Day 79:  Fun Fact: Entertaining Lab TA’s make Chemistry all the more enjoyable. Oh and isn’t this a science-y photo?

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