Countdown to Graduation: Part 1

Last Wednesday marked 100 days until college graduation. Wow.

A lot of my friends create a Facebook album and post a picture a day for 100 days. I’m way too forgetful to do that, so I’ve decided to consolidate them and post once a week on here for the last 100 days of college.

There are so many big life moments I wish I had counted down in pictures like this. There’s something beautiful about acknowledging every moment instead of just crossing them off to get to the finish line. So I’m savoring the days and making every moment matter, even the mundane.



100ish: Technically…this picture happened on day 101 but I forgot that Wednesday was day 100 and didn’t take a pic so let’s just go with it. And okay, yes, it’s a typical sorority picture but I’ll spare you the “OMG I LOVE MY FAMILYYYY” and just tell you, they’re awesome people, they make me laugh and have made Kappa feel like home and I’m so thrilled to add sweet Jenna to the mix!


99: Helped my roomie’s boyfriend surprise her (she didn’t know he was in town). She’s a fun one to surprise. Note to self…;) Also, surprises are SO great (only if they aren’t happening to me)


98: Seeing one of my favorite bands in concert, Seryn. Do you listen to them? No?! Go to Spotify immediately. Then see them live ASAP.

97: Lazy Cat-urday morning at home with this cutie.

96: Fam jam sesh. All strings. All the time. We should probably branch out eventually…But for now, the banjo, mandolin and guitar is working pretty well…now all I need to do is learn more than one song…;) Wagon Wheel, anyone?

95: Cold winds + hot tea = Wonderful in every way.

5 down, 95 to go.