Countdown to Graduation: Not Spring Break.

Day 60: Where I DIDN’T wake up this morning…weirdly Waco didn’t look like this…and I was dealing with a 40 degree temperature difference also, so that’s the kind of Monday I had.

Day 59: Yep. Graduation regalia. They included an alumni bumper sticker in case I wasn’t already hyperventilating over the tassel so that was sweet of them.

Day 58: I could probably actually live on this smoothie: Frozen bananas, chocolate almond milk, chocolate protein powder and peanut butter. YUM!

Day 57: A little Mandy-time, naturally Mandy is the name of my mandolin (full name: Amanda Lynn). She’s been pretty neglected…my bad.

Day 56: Awesome sky on the drive to Dallas.

Day 55: Just a little Petland visit where I kinda fell in love with this little muffin…to be continued. : )

Day 54: I can’t tell you how much I love being in Dallas and being able to actually fulfill my cupcake cravings almost instantaneously.

Day 53: Cheering on KU to no avail. Clearly this is a before shot. (In other undocumented news to preserve the feelings of the Jayhawk pictured…SIC EM BEARS!;) Way to make it to the Sweet Sixteen!)

Day 52: Memorizing the Synod of Dort and the Diet of Worms, how do you spend YOUR Monday evenings?

Day 51: Candles make the season real for me, and this candle is the epitome of spring.

Day 50: Tea and an Influence Network class on being intentional with my real life friend and now blog friend Katherine (Check out her blog Unofficial Seating Charts). Fun to learn about intentionality while living it out with a dear friend at the same time.

Day 49: Watching a storm roll in, I’ve never seen the sky look so beautiful and water-like. I was so entranced the floor shaking thunder didn’t even phase me.

Day 48: Drew Holcomb sans the Neighbors and Ellie. Still wonderful.

Day 47: Beautiful day for some bridal bingo at a shower for my best friend!

Day 46: A gummy bears and TLC watching kind of night. ;)


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