Christmas Cram

Christmas Cram

You know how when stores start advertising Christmas at Halloween it’s called “Christmas Creep”? I have my own thing, it’s called “Christmas Cram” Where I do everything Christmas related NON STOP from December 1st up until Christmas. Because it is not socially acceptable to do so after December 25th (Can I tell you I accidentally typed Christmas 25th originally. Like the month is named Christmas.)

Crafts, Baking, Listening to Music, Watching Christmas movies, the whole she-bang and I want to share it with you.

First off, set the stage for your Christmas infused week. This means music is top priority. Here are my favorite albums this year.

Hillsong United – We Have a Savior
Sufjan Stevens – Songs for Christmas
Sara Groves – O Holy Night (You can play this one year round. I do. Because the Gospel.)
This Warm December
Jillian Edwards – All My Christmases

Oh and I made you a playlist too! Merry Christmas, may the cramming commence.


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  • I like that term! I usually cram all the Christmas I can into December too!