Books I Read in January

I have set a lofty New Year’s Resolution for myself to read 52 books this year, that’s right, I did the math and that’s one book a week. This may seem impossible to some people but I should preface that I read incredibly fast and have been reading since the ripe old age of 4. That’s right, I was full blown reading at 4. So books and I? We have a good relationship.

Not to say this is an easy goal for me, I am all too happy to opt to watch Netflix instead of read so making reading a priority definitely takes effort.

Here’s what I’ve read in January and what’s on the docket for February:

Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill – ***

This book is a memoir about being raised in the church of Scientology and then leaving as an adult. (for some reason, memoirs of those in extreme religious lifestyles completely fascinates me) I went into reading this with no prior knowledge about Scientology so it was very fascinating to learn about it from a firsthand perspective. That being said, the terminology is really complicated, everything has an acronym and it’s really quite confusing to follow. I wish there had been more on her life after leaving the church but overall it was a nice informative read. Not my favorite memoir by a long shot.

The Book of Joan – Melissa Rivers ****

I’ve never read any of Joan River’s books, in fact, I really didn’t know much about her before she passed away but her humor – although vulgar at times – is so interesting to me. Her honesty about herself and the world is really somewhat refreshing, I just wish she would lay off the curse words for shock value. Yeesh. But this book is really very sweet since it is written by her daughter. Who knows your funny stories better than your family? It’s a mix of hilarious and sentimental with lots of wisdom thrown in. Of course there is profanity in this book but I don’t remember it being very frequent.

I’ve recommended this book to a few people I know can handle the language. I just think it’s just fun to read about how Joan River’s went through life and how Melissa saw it all. Sweet read.

Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom – Julia Child ****

Imagine all of Julia’s tips and tricks from all her TV shows and cookbooks wrapped up concisely into one Bible of kitchen knowledge. This is it! I read it on Kindle after checking it out from the library but I want it in physical form to keep in my kitchen! She describes things so well and goes through all the basic recipes (soups, sauce, chicken, cake, desserts, etc) and then gives a list of variations to use to make it your own. It’s a fantastic book to give as a gift to someone who wants to cook more or has never cooked before. Her charm is evident even in her written words and it’s confident boosting to even the most amateur of chefs!

Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy *****

This book on productivity is fantastic! It walks you through step by step how to tackle the big tasks on your to do list and gives the psychology being productivity, aka how it’s beneficial to you. I read this book on Kindle also but need the physical copy to highlight and underline a MILLION different things. Each chapter has a call to action at the end that you can do right then! I’m about to go into business for myself full time, and I’ll be writing all about it later on but for now, reading these books has been so encouraging as I take on business all on my own. This book is a must read for anyone looking to increase their productivity.


Have you read any of these books? Do you have any recommendations to add to my list this year?