Back in the Rain – but Smaller

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Hello there! I am back on my little corner of the internet with a new name (for the blog and my physical self), a new husband and a new website. I started from scratch after my blog posts disappeared while I was on my honeymoon. It’s sad but I still have the words saved in journals and Word documents but I think instead of re-posting all of them, I’m going to keep most of them to myself (you’ll still find a handful around here).


You may have noticed that the rain theme has continued in a different way. This blog started as “Living in the Rain” almost 5 years ago when I discovered I had severe anxiety in college and I felt as though I was living in a chaotic, nonstop storm. And much like rain I had to choose if the storm was going to help me grow or knock me down. I chose the first. I started pouring out my heart online, it was cathartic and scary and helped me find a sense of community online and began to teach me how to use the internet for good.


A lot has happened since then, I graduated college, moved back to Dallas where I grew up, got a full time job, got engaged, got married and am now working on new career opportunities. And somewhere in all of that, the rain stopped. Life got busy, anxiety remained but was managed and I kind of stopped doing things that made my heart come alive, like reading and writing and cooking and learning. I realized that as a grown up in the real world with the same schedule week by week, life to the full happens in smaller moments instead of in the wide expanse of free time in college. So I started focusing on the small things and realized my life wasn’t really in the rain anymore, but a combination of raindrops. All the little moments, extra minutes, little joys and little choices began to grow into a big picture. A full, beautiful life doesn’t have to be intimidating. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean all or nothing. Your waiting moments don’t have to be spent scrolling through your phone. Life is about little choices that change habits that change hearts and change the world.


So welcome to the Raindrop Blog; where I capture the small things that grow a beautiful life.

I’m so excited for you to join me in this next chapter and I’m covering this next adventure in prayer because I can’t imagine any story worth writing that hasn’t already been written by the author of creation.