About Me

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Welcome, friend! I want this space to be a haven of goodness in the midst of a mean, brutal internet.

If you take away anything from my words before you, I pray that it’s this, you can do it.

You can live a healthier life.
You can be a successful business owner.
You can live your faith out loud.
You can find time to read with a crazy schedule.
You can cook well.
You can look great on a budget.
You can have a beautiful, welcoming home.
You can find time to be still.
You can have a wonderful marriage.
You can influence the people around you, no matter their age.
You can change the world.


And I’m here to encourage you. I’m not perfect, I’m learning right alongside you. And I believe in you.

This blog is about raindrops. All the little things that come together to do something beautiful, quench thirst, produce growth and wash away the dirt. One drop at a time.

Let’s start with the drops, shall we?

Don’t let the chaos of a storm keep you from growing.

You can have FREEDOM in your health, JOY in your life and ADVENTURE everyday.

you can do it.