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weekend benediction

Back when this blog was Living in the Rain, I would take time each week to sit and be mindful and write a sending prayer for the weekend, a benediction, something hopeful for the weekend after whatever sort of a week it was.

I loved it, I would take some pictures during the week of some hidden beauty and pray over it for the week. I so desperately want to do that again so here I am. My soul needs these moments, something to work for during the week.

So here I am, waiting for the words to come, scrolling through my camera and realizing I haven’t taken a picture of something beautiful in quite a long time, I haven’t really stopped to notice beautiful things in everyday life. So this post has a dated picture that was taken a long time ago when I noticed the sky while filling up with gas, but the hope is current.

Tragedy has struck different friends of mine lately, all different losses, all the same pain. Something isn’t there that was there before. Something they loved, and they didn’t know they were going to lose it. And I stand on the outside, watching them hurt, hugging as hard as I can and praying they feel the comfort I try so desperately to give.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t looked up lately, I’m too busy looking around, closing my eyes to pray and praying others I love are spared from the hard, rough edges of this broken world.

And that’s my prayer for you, friend.

I pray that this weekend, comfort finds you in the still small moments when you are reminded of a void in your life.

I pray that strength finds you when you think you’re weak and helpless and I pray that every hug you receive is surrounded by the peace of your Savior.

Peace be with you, friends.