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Weekend Benediction

As you enter the weekend, the first of the summer for many of you, I pray that you continue to learn beyond the constraints of a classroom and that you cling to words that are true. I pray that experiences lead to questions and discovery beyond a textbook.

If you feel like you are alone and flailing, I pray that your swinging arms don’t push away the ones who care for you the most.

If you feel stagnant and spiritually dry, I hope a spark catches you at the most unexpected moment and causes a fiery passion in your soul.

I pray you have a chance to chase a rabbit trail and follow a crazy thought. But I also pray that you remember that dead ends aren’t failures, they’re just scenic routes.

I pray that in the vast expanse of summer you don’t forget to dream and create and that God gives you many opportunities to do both to the fullest.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


Countdown to Graduation: Finally to Zero!

Day 17: LOVING corn pasta lately.

Day 16: Kappa senior meeting tonight. SO so humbled by the sweet notes and gifts I received! I have loved every moment in this sorority and I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made. It’s a bittersweet goodbye!

Day 15: Spending time in prayer for fellow graduates today. It’s such an exciting and terrifying time heading into the unknown, what better time to pray!

Day 14: I can’t believe how much progress is being made on the new stadium! Can’t wait to come watch games as an alumni!

Day 13: Touring the Mayborn museum, tiny rocking chairs included.

Day 12: Beautiful day with one lone, little cloud in the sky!

Day 11: It’s amazing how creative you can be with the bare bones left in a pantry, fridge and freezer before moving. Baked tilapia with dill and lemon, roasted green beans and asparagus and quinoa.

Day 10: Cinco de Mayo dinner with these goofballs.

Day 9: At the time, it really made sense to pack everything in the big room….until we could barely move

Day 8: This dork came to Waco to help us move.

Day 7: Last roomie dinner at Chuy’s! We forgot to take a picture at the restaurant so we opted for the selfie in the car. Hilarious. I’ve loved living with these amazing girls!

Day 6: Champagne and the Rangers game with Kristin. aka “Studying for finals”

Day 5: It’s official, I’m immortal in the Neill Morris!

Day 4: Quiet time in an empty bedroom. Nothing remains but Coffee and the Bible. Back to the basics and I’m okay with that!

Day 3: Saying goodbye to campus on a dreary day. Couldn’t be more fitting!

Day 2: Everything is home in Dallas, but for some reason it won’t unpack itself, what’s up with that?

Day 1: Back to Waco and saying goodbye to my now beige room and empty apartment. This place has been home to me this year and I couldn’t imagine a better place to spend my senior year!

Day 0: Today’s the day! Tip to make it through a 3 hour graduation ceremony: make sure your last name falls between two hilarious friends who will make you laugh and take selfies with you the whole time.


Thank you for following along my little countdown to graduation! I don’t know what the next steps are but I’m excited for the journey!


Weekend Benediction

As I pack up a room and end this part of my journey, I can’t help but see hope in every crevice. I pray that wherever you are, you see hope, as well.

This weekend, I pray your endings look like beginnings and that chapters of life flow seamlessly together.

I pray that the voids where something feels missing become vessels waiting to be filled. 

I pray that emptiness becomes a longing for fullness in Christ instead of a longing for fullness of control.

I pray that bare walls that bring sadness echo laughter for as long as they can and that memories aren’t kept in boxes for any longer than necessary.

I pray that as your spring speeds up, your heart slows down to savor every moment in sunshine or in showers.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.