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Countdown to Graduation: Part 7

Day 30: April 15 to be exact, once again checked the weather app and thought I must still be dreaming. Nope. Instead had to dig through my closet for warm clothes. Texas, I don’t know why you still surprise me.

Day 29: Savoring these last few weeks with my little buddies. Campus wouldn’t be as cute (or squeaky) without you…

Day 28: Home sweet home for a long weekend.

Day 27: Live music and great drinks overlooking the Dallas skyline.

Day 26: Photography lesson with dear old Dad. Benefits of having a photographer father.

Day 25: Celebrating Easter Sunday with the family! No easter egg hunt this year, apparently even though we act like children, we don’t get treated that way. Bummer.

Day 24: Clouds on the way back to Waco. I think this one looks like Pharell’s hat, anyone else?

Day 23: Foggy walk to class.

Day 22: Building with no windows + power outage = cancelled class and creepy darkness. This is at 8am fyi.

Day 21: Last day serving alongside these ladies as a NSSLHA officer! Dear friends make a great team.

Day 20: A pretty monumental day. Anyone else play this game??

Day 19: Baby shower for sweet Stacie (aka one of the most adorable pregnant ladies I’ve ever known)! Can’t believe she’s about to be a mama!

Day 18: First sno-cone of the season! Tiger’s Blood for the win!


Gluten Free Groceries: Trader Joe’s

I’ve been gluten free for almost a year now and have somewhat mastered this lifestyle through trial and error.

I didn’t know anyone else who was gluten free when I started and depended a lot on google and Pinterest. I bought a lot of really gross gluten free food that tasted NOTHING like the real thing. Now I have a lot of people ask me how I shop and what I eat. And to be honest, I’m still figuring it all out, I might always be figuring it out but the biggest advice I have is to take it a store at a time.

Here are some hints when grocery shopping for specifically gluten free products (especially when you can’t find something that should be there.)

  1. Check the health food section

  2. Check the medicine section (Last week I found gluten free snacks next to the Tums! They know who needs them I guess ;))
  3. Check the gluten free section
  4. Check the regular section for that product (example: Gluten Free Pancake mix might be in the gluten free aisle or it might be in the regular pancake aisle)
  5. Check the freezer section (there might be a gluten free freezer aisle)
  6. Check the freezer BREAD section (as silly as it is, the gluten free bread is usually next to the regular bread in the freezer, not the gluten free freezer section)
  7. Get familiar with your grocery store, that way in the future you can plan your route next time you go.
  8. Subscribe to email lists for gluten free product manufacturers. I’m on the email list for Glutino, Udi’s and Van’s that way I get emails with promotions as well as a heads up when new products come out. Also, these companies have Pinterest pages with lots of gluten free meal ideas.


I’ve stuck to the usual stores for a while but I was in Dallas recently and decided to try out Trader Joe’s. They have some of the regular brands like Udi’s, but they also have their own brand of gluten free foods at excellent prices!

Here’s what I bought and what I thought:

Gluten Free Three Cheese Pizza: At nearly half the price of other gluten free frozen pizza’s, this $5 pizza has fresh tomato slices on it and a delicious crust! The downside is this is the only flavor they had but I put my own pepperonis on it and that worked fine for me!

Wheat Free Toaster Waffles: Once again, half the price of regular gluten free waffles. Only $2! They’re also yeast free if that’s something you’re looking for. They tasted less eggy/gummy than some other brands I’ve had and they weren’t crumbly at all! Definitely the closest to a regular waffle I’ve had so far.

Corn Pasta: Praise be! Corn pasta is my very favorite and I can usually only find it at Wal-Mart (not my top grocery store) and only  in the macaroni shape. This pasta is cheap, too! only about 20 cents more than the regular pasta.

These were the only specific gluten free products I got/ saw in the store. Overall I was very impressed! Anyone else have any other Trader Joe’s gluten free suggestions?



Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday of Holy Week. (Referred to as Monday Thursday if you’re 7 year old Kailey.)

Maundy comes from the Latin, mandatum meaning a new mandate. Tonight represents the night that Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and the night the Lord’s Supper began.

I often get wrapped up in Easter Weekend, Christ’s death on Friday to the celebration on Sunday. I leave out Thursday, Thursday is still mine; Easter starts on Friday. But Thursday can’t be left out, it must be remembered. Because we celebrate Easter Sunday on Thursday, we take part in the Lord’s supper, we wash the feet of others. And the mandate that was made, is still ours to carry out.

Sunday is redemption and meaning, a thread that is woven through the core of our souls. Sunday is the reason we believe and have hope always.

Saturday is a day of mourning and wandering.

Friday is conviction, looking to the cross and seeing the painful and grace-filled dichotomy our broken selves and our perfect savior.

But, Thursday is every day. Thursday is a meal of remembrance, a humbling of ourselves to wash the feet of others. A new command; love.

Don’t forget Thursday.

For in celebrating Sunday, we are called to live Thursday for the rest of our lives.


Countdown to Graduation: Part 6

Day 45: This is what happens when the Rangers opening day and Aural Rehab class happen at the same time. Multitasking at it’s finest. ; )


Day 44: Dinner at a Waco treasure with some dear friends!

Day 43: Look what came in the mail, Christmas in April! Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? Read my Review Here!

Day 42: Ombre sky on the drive to Dallas. My favorite thinking time is on the road at dusk.

Day 41: Stumbled onto the Deep Ellum Arts Festival downtown on a beautiful day. Don’t you just love happy accidents?

Day 40: Dessert date at Emporium Pies. Didn’t get a pic of the actual pie before it was devoured, just the cute packaging. Use your imagination: French silk pie with pretzel crust. Are you drooling just thinking about it? Me neither…

Day 39: Trying out the brand new Torchy’s tacos for the first time with sissy. Apparently this is her Mexican food eating sweatshirt…Check out Day 73

Day 38: Happy hour with my best friend. (Yes. I went to Torchy’s two days in a row, sue me! ; ))

Day 37: Wearing a hearing aid for a day as part of a research project. No it isn’t real, yes it’s child sized and yes it’s still too big because my ears are MINUTE. Does it look like I shoved play-doh in my ear or what?!

Day 36: Pria (Pre-dia) sleepover. Accidentally patriotic. Whoops. ‘Merica.

Day 35: Last Dia del Oso at Baylor! (Dia is a random spring Thursday off from school, one of my favorite Baylor traditions). Cheered on my Pi Phi pals in the tug-of-war tourney. Look at that killer anchor form. Alas, their technique did not seal a win.

Day 34: A nice walk in the cemetery, one of the most beautiful little places. I love looking at old gravestones and creating stories for the lives they represent.

Day 33: Made my own salad dressing for the first time ever! And people. It was DELICIOUS. Loosely based on Shutterbean’s recipe found here.

Day 32: Chick Flicks and Sunday lunch on a dreary Palm Sunday.

Day 31: Surprise! I woke up to pouring rain and 40 degree weather. However, determined to stay in spring mode, I opted for iced coffee instead of hot because I like to live in a pretend world where Texas weather is in fact predictable and normal.

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My First Stitch Fix Review

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? It’s an online personal shopping service and it’s AMAZING!

How it works:

1. Go online to Stitch Fix (Link Here!)
2. Fill out your style profile. They give you lots of style pictures, fit options and price options
3. Schedule your fix! Each Fix costs $20 and you will receive 5 items in the mail. That $20 goes towards whatever you choose to keep from your Fix and if you love everything in the box, you get 25% off the entire price in addition!
4. Try everything on. I love that I can try on the pieces on with clothes and jewelry I already own. HUGE benefit over shopping in the store! You can make sure the dress isn’t too short when you have heels on, you can try on 4 different cardigans to make sure the colors match and the lighting is generally better than an icky dressing room.
5. Send what you don’t want back. Shipping is free both ways, all you do to return it is put the items in the enclosed bag and pop it in the mailbox! So easy.
6. Go online and review your items. This is one of my very favorite aspects of this service, go online and tell your stylist exactly what you thought of each piece (Whether you kept it or not). The more Fix’s you get, the more tailored it is to your style, taste and size.
7. Tell all your friends! Every time you refer someone to Stitch Fix, you receive a $25 credit, how awesome is that?

Schedule your fix here!

This is technically my 2nd Fix. I got my first one last summer and it was just meh. I didn’t fill out my style profile very well and didn’t give it a second chance until now. So, I’m treating this like my first one and here’s what I got!

First off, a cute little note from my stylist along with outfit ideas for each piece. SO helpful!

Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse $54 Okay. I love this top! It fit perfectly and the material was super light but not sheer. I love this cut for a blouse, maybe that’s why I already have about 4 others just like it…but I needed this color. Result: Kept
41Hawthorn Flora Striped Fit & Flare Skirt $48 I wasn’t sure about this one when I first pulled it out of the box. But once I tried it on with a few different things I really loved it! I think it makes for a very professional post-grad outfit! Maybe if I dress like a grown up, I’ll be prepared for the real world?
Result: debated for a while but — kept!

Moon Collection Dannon Lace Detail Floral Print Dress $68: Beautiful, just my style and completely perfect for spring! Result: Kept
Pomelo Freddy Sleeveless Chiffon Dress $58: I love this color and cut! This type of dress is so comfortable for me. It can be dressed up or down and can be worn straight through spring and summer, which I love! Result: Kept
Century Pop Color Double Chain Necklace $32: To be honest, I probably wouldn’t actually wear this necklace with this dress but I just wanted to show that I got it. It’s super cute and simple and goes with so many tops I have. I’m not a huge jewelry person, I’ll wear the same pieces over and over with different outfits so I cling to simple, classic pieces. Result: Kept

Note: I tried all of these on with some nude J. Crew wedges from a few seasons ago…you can’t see my feet but I thought you should know.

Overall: LOVED this Fix! I specifically told them I needed some nicer things for bridal showers, weddings, graduation, etc. And they delivered! If you noticed, I kept everything and got 25% off, which is awesome.

What I love about Stitch Fix:

I’m a college student in a super small central Texas city, the shopping options are VERY limited. If you want to work on your style, your best bet is a nice little road trip to Dallas or Austin. This service is fantastic because they send you things that you might not ever try on in the store but if you’re able to try it on with other things you own, it works a lot better! I originally heard about Stitch Fix through some mom-bloggers who didn’t have time to go shopping / didn’t want to take their small children, so it’s really convenient and perfect for lots of different people.

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? What do you think? Want to schedule a fix for yourself? Click here!


Disclosure: I paid for these clothes myself, all opinions are my own. Stitch Fix does not compensate me for this review. However, if you sign up for Stitch Fix through my links, I will get a referral credit! : )


Life Lately

I’ve seen this posted in a lot of places lately and I can’t find the original source but bless them for making this list. I’ve been so busy lately finishing everything up for the school year, that I haven’t had a moment to write, but I thought this post was perfect for me to reflect on my own life.

Making: memories, left and right.
Cooking: whatever is left in the fridge/freezer/pantry or eating out at Waco restaurants I might maybe miss a lot (Food for Thought, Ninfa’s and Health Camp, I’m looking at you.)
Drinking: iced coffee like my job because I’m a college student in the middle of finals so it kind of is.
Reading: textbooks and the Bible. They balance each other (and me) out. (Also, How People Grow by Henry Cloud)
Wanting: my things to pack, move and clean themselves, Mary Poppins style.
Looking: for a job and a place to live after college. No big deal.
Playing: lots of movie soundtracks on Spotify.
Wishing: I had more money to spend on Amazon. And more time to read what I buy on Amazon.
Enjoying: doing fun Waco things on my Baylor Bucket List that I put off until now.
Liking: random spring showers. If you can’t tell by the blog, I love the rain! It always slows me down and reminds me to breathe.
Wondering: if it is physically possible to schedule coffee dates with every single friend I have at Baylor before I graduate.
Loving: sweet blog friends who email me words of encouragement from all over the world. So SO overwhelmed by the hugeness of online community and thankful for connections that only God could create!
Hoping: I get to meet said blog friends in real life sometime soon.
Marveling: at how quickly time can go by and how much you can grow without even realizing.
Needing: a few extra hours in the day.
Smelling: Mrs. Meyers Basil candle
Wearing: t-shirts and Nike shorts as much as I can before I have to be a professional adult and wear real pants on a regular basis.
Following: new people on Instagram! I LOVE Instagram.
Noticing: all the little things I will miss about college life, especially random adventures and late night Whataburger.
Knowing: God has a plan when I don’t. Which is right now.
Thinking: my brain has reached max capacity and that I would like to clear it out to think about more fun things than school.
Bookmarking: lots of recipes. Cooking is so relaxing for me, so studying + moving out of an apartment + not really being able to cook = stressed Kailey.
Opening: wedding invitations and save the dates galore! This will be the summer of celebration and I’m so excited!!
Giggling: late at night with my roommates over really hilarious things. Like the new USA show Playing House. Have you seen it? SO GREAT! Go watch it, it’s probably on demand. It’s brand new, written and starring two real life best friends.
Feeling: nostalgic.

So that’s it! A quick little snippet of my super crazy life! What does your life look like lately?

Here’s a blank version if you need to summarize your own life right now!